Atariangamer's Bit of Webspace

Welcome to the site of Atariangamer, the Music makin, Chex Quest playin maniac!

Hi, and welcome to my Bit of Webspace! I'd rather have this site than a myspace profile or something... LOL XD               Well, this is the first update of this site, and you will find later messages saying things I have uploaded, added, or just some major stuff that happened. Well, I just have the Guest Book, Fun Stuff, and Links page up right now, but when I find my stuff, I'll upload it and post it. Just wait! But in the meantime, check around!

UPDATE: May 27, 2008

Wow...its been awhile. BUT! Thats not the only reason I"m back. I have done some "serious sh*t" to my computer. (not BTTF stuff, srry) I now have a computer that will fool the average person into thinking I have a copy of Vista...on my 7 year old computer! lol... check it out! its the "xp to Vista" page up there in the navigation!

UPDATE: Friday February 15 2007

Ok! Big updates...added a link to the Links section. Posted some Downloads (mostly music), and uh...that is all. CHECK IT OUT!